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612E1MMaterial surface:

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612F1Material surface:

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612F5Material surface:

612U1Material surface:

612U2Material surface:

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612U5Material surface:

612U6Material surface:

612V1MMaterial surface:

612V2MMaterial surface:

612V3MMaterial surface:

612V4MMaterial surface:

612V5MMaterial surface:

615AT5SMaterial surface:

D12201Material surface:

D12202Material surface:

D12203Material surface:

D12205Material surface:

D12206Material surface:

D12207Material surface:

D12208Material surface:

D12210Material surface:

D159001Material surface:

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Company introduction

Foshan Hengchang Ceramics Co. Ltd. , the DOHO is our flagship high-end brand. With the rapid development of 30 years, China building materials showing a hitherto unknown prosperity, also two class differentiation phenomenon of strong brand excessive advocate luxury consumption, low-end cheap rough products flooding the market. Hengchang enterprises to "harmony" culture as a criticism of the prevailing situation, take off the tile business exterior ,reducing tiles and design, space, life balance, this is life of DOHO.

Our philosophy is “Born from design & make the design to maximize the value”,and cooperation with the designers around the world. DOHO the manufacturing of space material better. "Ceramic tile is not a commodity, but the design of material, we do not define thestyle, reasonable and practical work is the most wonderful". It is driving this concept, to create a true sense of the ceramic tile, and more perfect space.

DOHO make your life better!


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