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Fashion and ancient life: small mood, slow rhythmDOHO wooden tile cement wood series are developed by the world's classic rare and precious wood. On this basis, the art design of retro fashion style is subverted, and the design concept of traditional log tiles is subverted, and the elegant taste of space is displayed vividly.The top material needs top technology to show it. DOHO wooden tile cement wood series have adopted the world's advanced particle microjet technology.


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Company introduction

Foshan Hengchang Ceramics Co. Ltd. , the DOHO is our flagship high-end brand. With the rapid development of 30 years, China building materials showing a hitherto unknown prosperity, also two class differentiation phenomenon of strong brand excessive advocate luxury consumption, low-end cheap rough products flooding the market. Hengchang enterprises to "harmony" culture as a criticism of the prevailing situation, take off the tile business exterior ,reducing tiles and design, space, life balance, this is life of DOHO.

Our philosophy is “Born from design & make the design to maximize the value”,and cooperation with the designers around the world. DOHO the manufacturing of space material better. "Ceramic tile is not a commodity, but the design of material, we do not define thestyle, reasonable and practical work is the most wonderful". It is driving this concept, to create a true sense of the ceramic tile, and more perfect space.

DOHO make your life better!


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